Privacy policy
The Meteorological Department of Curaçao (MDC) respects your privacy as an online visitor. We want to make sure your personal information remains confidential on the internet. This Privacy Policy outlines how we acquire and treat your data when you use our services. By accessing our sites, information about the user, such as:

    • Internet protocol address
    • Browser or computer type
    • Number of links clicked within the site
    • Date and time of visit
    • Name of internet service provider
    • Web page from which our site was linked
    • Web page being referenced
    • Pages viewed on the site
    • Specific searches conducted
    • Software used and the time spent on our site
    • Contact details

may be stored on the servers of the MDC website. This information will not specifically identify the user. We may collect information during visits in order to understand your usage (website/social media traffic analysis) and ensure that future content decisions reflect your needs. We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service. We also use this information for our internal record keeping, to enhance the quality of our services, and for eventual research purposes. All information about users of the website and facebook page and their usage is maintained in a secure environment. We respect the privacy and security of its users. We will never sell your e-mail address to any third party for any reason.

We, however, assume no responsibility for the security of this information. The Web is not secure and any information entered in a Web form can be stolen from unscrupulous individuals (or entities) who will “harvest” these records. We in no way aid these individuals (or entities) or provide them with users’ e-mails. We do not participate in any type of marketing campaigns. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your identity. For your protection, we may require additional levels of confirmation for some actions that may be initiated on this site.

MDC website and facebook do not display ads, therefore, no tools are installed on our online services for that purpose. MDC does not collect personal information on its website and facebook users, however, it uses Google Analytics and other monitoring tools to better understand its audience and for statistical purposes. These tools do not receive personal information such as your name or exact location.

Unlike almost every website MDC online services do not make use of cookies.

If you believe that any information we are holding is incorrect or incomplete or you might simply have any question regarding this, please email us as at the following address info@meteo.cw. We will promptly attend you.